Dry Wall Cladding

Sharma Contracts specializes in exterior wall cladding and can execute projects of any scale and height. We have various types of dry-stone cladding systems, using the aluminum framing, mechanical clamps and anchor fasteners.

Inlay Work

These beautiful pieces of art are aesthetically designed with great care. The timeless beauty of these inlays will add a classical grace to the interiors of the place.With the help of modern machines and technology like CNC machines and waterjet, we provide accurate designs and finishing.



Any project is incomplete without external beautification. We expertise in working on stones of varied thicknesses and most creative designs.

Wet Wall Cladding

Wet installation method which is also known as direct adhered method, is the most common method used for the installation of natural stone cladding. The reason behind its prevalence is its ease with which it can be used.

Wet Wall Cladding


At Sharma Contracts, we provide all sorts of stone flooring installations. We can consult on designing and usage of right stones, depending upon the area and its characteristics. Few characteristics to be taken care before choosing the stone is its porosity, friction, oxidation, indoor vs outdoor rating, etc.

Table tops and kitchen Counters

We provide installation of table tops and kitchen counters with various moldings and unmatched finishing by the experts.

Table Tops and Kitchen Counters